Rise of the Planet of the Gay Black Zionists


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I'm Not Gay (Prod. Get Delivert) [Verse 1: PBAPES] Fuck a bunch of girls, that's what I fucking like (I do) Especially when girls like to fuck other dykes (They're gay) (Yikes!) Psych! Fuck two like a bike, fuck three like a trike Yeuh, yeuh yeuh When I was a kid I like to play little dykes (Like the toys) Especially when a dyke was a fuckin bike (Yeah) Yeah, I ride around the city, with a freaking trike (I do) Yeah, yeah I promise I'm not gay [Verse 2: Kill Whitey] Yeah, I'm not fucking gay Bitch I'm all the way straight I don't give a fuck bitch Yeah I'm motherfucking great Everybody fucking knows I'm the motherfucking man Everybody fucking knows I like to take xans, yeah Pew Pew goes the motherfuckin' pisol! Bitches on my dick cuz I like to cook the crystal! Meth Meth Meth in my motherfuckin' trailer Bitch moving slow She's a motherfucking snailor (Yeah!) Wet, on the deck like a sailor (Sailor!) Bitches on my dick got an outfit with a tailor (Tailor!) Tailor gang swag like I'm motherfucking wiz Got lil bitches on my dick and they're drinking all my jizz (Yeah!) [Verse 3: Polygon] I got queens, I got beans I got guns, got the runs From that dick between my what? (From the dick between my what!) I love cum, I love cum Teenis baby tweedle dumb Papa Roach, ain't no joke Bitches beg me for that poke Wake up then I vape down, Punch bitches make me fuckin' frown Black nigger killed your fam Matisyahu king without a crown Black nigger (growl) Nigger
[Intro: PBAPES] PPG in the motherfucking house, PBAPES I'm more serious than I've ever been in my entire fucking life PPG [Verse 1: PBAPES] Fly as aladdin, chasing the dragon I'm clicking and dragging and fucking and sucking I'm bagging an actress The chick was at Badfish But we met in Akron No hating, no stanking, no waiting They all fuck with Patric Now we staining the mattress High as an addict Chilling, fulfilling this villain made killing a habit Flipping her over, I put in an order Now she cooking me catfish Call me Mr.Bad Bitch I like to do bad shit I'm quicker than John Madden And I'm a faggot PPG! [Verse 2: Polygon] Squeeze when she suck, no Capri-Sun Plan B is Plan A, don't want no son Sip vodka but I ain't no Russian We hard in the whip, ChumChumBedrum Yeah, I just turned nine pour lean in my Kool-Aid Now I'm up on tan, I had sex with 2 Chainz Play catch with your Dad, I'm pitching, he catching I only fuck pastors, My cum is that blessing Only fuck men of the cloth Damn They've never seen that grown-up dick Always flipped off of that flop Damn Bet I could fuck her no gamblin Now it's love on your girl like Rachel and Ross Diamonds mad snowy like I am on Hoth Your girl making soup, yeah my cum is that broth Told that bitch clean and give her that mop [Verse 3: John Alberty] Stuck in Tel-Aviv with my dois and I'm sober Thirty-Three bitches in the back of my rover Turn to the left and I see Rockafeller Turn to my right and I load up my chopper Blow off kikes faces like I just don't care mane Make a Zionist disappear like I am D-Blaine PPG! [Verse 4: Polygon and PBAPES] I Love Makkonen I'm mad gay I got more drag than a drag race Beyonce, a dragon that I slay I'll straight up cum in a fag's face Migos don't like cuz' I am a faggot Put on Bad N Boojie I'll fuck on your daddy PPG like fire like dragons like ICP I fuck with magnets Ivanak Trump that pussy I munch Wake up and have perkies for brunch No Notre Dame but I got a hunch That pussy wet, like it's fruit punch
Kabbalah (Prod. PBAPES) [Intro: Polygon] 911 was an inside job Wake the fuck up Zeitgeist gang [Verse 1] Can't skate for shit but I wear vas Like Riley Christ my bitches trans Slip in that gash like slip n' slide Homewrecker vibes I'll fuck your bride Goddamn it bitch I lost my keys Cuz' I took too much ketamine Pornhub account is premium But I'd rather cum on Chief Keef Faggot status over 9000 Fuck Majin Buu Vegita too My dad asked me for his allowance Slap his dick I'm always clownin' On acid like amino 911 no fucking Reno Your bitch she's so morbid Pop that girlie for a c-note [Verse 2: PBAPES] My wallet? Louie My shoes? Gucci My bag? Goey My wrist? Rolie My bitch? Hoey My shit? Holy Land stoley, macaroni Homie, stonie You phonies blow me Yuh (yo) [Verse 3: Kill Whitey] Yeah yeah yeah New World Order that's my swag Holocaust and 911 were inside jobs (inside jobs yeah) We did that shit cuz' we're above the law (yeah) Get all the people, and put chips in 'em And take all their money if they don't listen (listen) I'm Rothschild and I'm Rockafeller I'll take a celebrity and make him cock a feller (yeah) Chillin' in Israel, cause war so it does seem real (yeah) Yeah, yeah smoke a blunt of marijuana While I sit back and read from the Kabbalah
Baby (Full Version) (Prod. PBAPES) [Verse 1: PBAPES] All I wanna do is get fuckin' trippy And that lean? I want a sippy I'm tagging up, my dots looking drippy Yeah, longstocking like Pippy Windows looking tiny My clique is looking crippy My mouth is feeling minty and I'm feeling tipsy All my bitches look like Trixie Tang [Verse 2: Kill Whitey] Yeah baby, Listen here All my friends are fucking queer (Swag) I don't care, I look like Richard Gere (Blacklist) I pulled up in a fucking Lear (A leer) I don't know what that is I don't care I have a kid I raised him good but I hit him I don't care I'm playing Quiddich With Harry Potter, and Hermoine I get up in Hermoine's Giney I don't care, and she's chinese (Ching chong bing bong) Suck my dick and I'm siamese Yeah I got a fucking twin Attached to me, cuz I'm the shit I wipe my mouth with a fucking bib And then I cum all on my tits [Verse 3: Polygon] All my bitches white like drywall yeah (Construction) Diamonds clean as fuck no lysol yeah (Clean it!) All up in her guts, need midol (Poop) Fucked her in the shower no bridal yeah (Scrub it!) Promise I ain't gay I go either way yeah (I'm gay) Promise I ain't gay I got either way yeah (No, I'm honestly gay) Plotting on you faggots gonna mark it on my calendar (Mark it) Barbie Jeep, you're jealous got a Toys-r-us Challenger Catch me on Tinder I'm a slut Fiona Gallagher When I drop that mix yeah i'll blow up like the challenger (Boom) Belt around her neck, got her crawling like Aliester (Slut) Sipping at the hawk cuz I'm a fucking bachelor [Verse 4: John Alberty] Skrt I am a nigger A Zionist nigger Yeah yeah Fuck with me Fuck with me Israel Yah Yah Yah I'm a gay black fucking nigger (Faggot) I live in fucking Lakewood (Nigger) With all my boys I'm a gay fucking nigger (Faggot nigger) This is retarded faggot on the track bitch (Fucking retard) I am ready to get up in those snacks, snitch (Motherfucking retard) Snack up on your girl's anus like it is lunch (I'm black!) Call me PPG gang because all I do is munch (Nigger!) (Giggling)
Drip (Prod. PBAPES) [Chorus: PBAPES] Real shit I'm the shit Cuz you know I like to suck a little dick I don't spit, I'm the shit And I'm really really grossed out by tits Yeah Yeah yeah real shit I'm the shit Cuz you know I like to suck a little dick I'm the shit and I'm really really really grossed out by tits On the Bitch [Verse 1: Polygon] Catch me out on Bunts Smoking hella blunts I don't give a fuck I do what I want We're all made from chemicals Your bitch on my genitals All my kush is medical I'm reserved like federal Wake up little bitch Do some fucking research idiot You're dreaming while they're stealing Yeah you're not even a middleman Bitch you're on the bottom like a gay guy And he's spitting in your asshole You can't take it You're a narcoleptic citizen [Verse 2: Kill Whitey] Bitch Alright, listen here Chief Pee Pee is now a member of the New World Order So you better back the fuck up before I fuckin' take all your shit Alright? Yo, yo Alright Rothschild? I'm a Roth Man {Editors note: best bar ever} Cool ass dude, hair like Dennis Rodman And I'm fucking fly, just like Mothman Goddamn, I have a long Weiner All my bitches look like Catherine Keener Yeah, she's kinda gross now but I don't care I got meth and coke in my fucking nosehair Yeah bitch I got a long penis I'm in the fucking club looking like a genius Yeah Zionist that's what I is I don't give fuck, swallow all my jizz I'll make you molest kids And take all your money And don't you fucking laugh cuz this shit isn't funny Bitch! [Verse 3: John Alberty] Yeah (Yah yah yah yah yah) Yah! (I'm black) Yah I am a retarded faggot (Yup) I am a retarded gay guy (I am) I am a retarded faggot (Yup) I am a retarded gay guy (I am)
Lab (Prod. Attic Stein) [Intro: Lil Bono] Yuh, yuh yuh, yuh yuh oo, yuh boi yuh ooh (Noises) [Verse 1: PBAPES] Yeah I shop at Ross (Yuh) I'm the freaking boss (What?) Like the Big Hoss (I own this shit) That's the Pawn Stars boss (Yuh, yuh) I drink only Voss (Skrt skrt skrt skrt) I watch "Who's The Boss?" (Blrt blrt blrt blrt) My diamonds really gloss (Diamonds) And I always floss (Like a dentist) Fuck with me [Verse 2: Polygon] Hollywood Undead shit Do coke off a dead bitch Yeah I'm chilling with a fuckin' redneck chick In my fuckin' trailor getting fuckin' tailored Spongebob bitch and I'll mail her some shit HIV fuckin' laced with my pee pee [Verse 3: Kill Whitey] Okay okay okay I'm so fucking gay Everbodys fucking jealous I look at gay porn All day on Reddit Swag swag swag I don't even give a fuck Cuz' I might go over to your house And fuck your grandpa in the butt Yeah, no fucking homo It's not fucking gay Yeah I have a fucking penis Every single day, yeah La la la la cluck goes the chicken I got a fucking bitch and I'm gonna give her dickin' Motherfuckin' Charles Bitches fuckin' snarl Because they're fucking mad Because I raped their dad And killed their fucking siblings [Verse 4: Lil Bono] I stabbed him with a knife When I buy my bananas from the store I want them to be ripe Yeah, cuz' that's the best type Um, I um Don't wanna ever go to jail for life Cuz that would be terrible Cuz that shit would be bad and I don't wanna be mad at myself For doing somethings stupid like that And I don't like cats that much And fucking bitches in the butt Yeah yeah yeah yeah go yeah
Dora (Prod. Attic Stein) [Intro: Kill Whitey] Yeah, bitch You know it's Chief Pee Pee in the booth I'm with like, Lil Fag and like, Black N-word and we're just gonna like, fuck it up and you're just gonna listen to it [Verse 1] Yeah yeah yeah I raped Dora in my motherfuckin' shed (Yeag) And then I put my fuckin penis in boots' head (Swag) Yeah I don't care I'm raping Dora with Swiper (Swiper) And then I shot her in the head With the fuckin' sniper (Yeah) I don't care, I piped her Dead body on the ground (Yeah) Molest gang, my swagger Cuz we have swag (Yeah) I don't care, I got money I got cum I got jizz, I don't care I will rape, all your motherfucking kids Rape mob, flop gang [Verse 2: Polygon] (Nigger, nigger) You think fags can't rap? It's faggot black (Nigger) Nigger stole the beat, you can't have it back (Nigger) Look at my ass, think about me while you masturbate and I'm chilling, playing Chess, with your Dad (Dad) And I'm crass, Yeah the wenus Ticky ticky teenis yeah Look at my jizz filled yenis Bitches on my wenus yeah Yeah I'm gleaming, yeah i'm scheming on your bitch Think about me while you masturbate nigger Black nigger! (Yeah) [Verse 3: PBAPES] Your dude thinks I look like a fag (Faggot) Your bitch thinks I look like her dad (Daddy) Wrapping her legs like a crab (Crab) Cover her head like arab (Muslim) You think it's a drag? She's calling a cab I'm having a drag I'm having a smoke (Fuck a Zionist) I don't fuck with no brokes (No!) This ain't no joke (Ew!) Cracking your face like a yoke (Like a egg) (Yeah) I got your bitch as wet as a boat (What) (In the water) What Yeah Huh Listen my flow, yeah Check out my hoes, (Yeah) Check out my clothes Check out my flows yeah What what huh what (Yeuh) Dora Dora Dora I'll explore ya Dora Dora Dora I adorea ya yeah (Explora yeah)
[Intro: Polygon] Damn I could really go for a gyro right now I would vape in that bitch Make it taste a little bit fruity Know what I'm saying? [Verse 1] Don't smoke weed but I suck dick (yeah) Thumb up in her booty I'm ratchet (yeah) Only like Johnson, no magic Yeah I fucked your bitch it's tragic Fuck John Lennon - imagine that Only hang out with Lance and Pat Don't pass me coke I only smoke crack From Lakewood but I live in the tap I never got to fuck Catherine Eyebold In highschool all I got was an eyeroll Now I'm going viral, menstrual cycle Peroid meat to the beat only veggies in my gyro Vegetarian nigga on the beat (Beat) I know I'm scaring all these niggers in the street (I'm gay) Hard R, yeah I'm sucking on that D (Suck it) All I want is a fucking PSP (Fetish) For Christmas, I'm bitching (What) I'm listinging to Magic Johnson's kitchen Sound effects, in my head like I'm T-rex Yeah don't forget about me All I smoke is PPG Don't make sense but I'm smoking Tree [Verse 2: Kill Whitey's Less Famous Brother Ryan] Ry Mac bring back slavery That crack whore enslaved to me Gas light steak at savory Pull out my cock and play with me That asshole crack I don't wanna see Foreskin smells like cottage cheese Choker on her neck while I feed her peas *Choking* Fentanyl on my dick Yeah your bitch is gonna crawl Flexeral and adderall Get some flop and snort it all Don't give a motherfuck Super skinny hella tall When I splooge out my balls It spills up on my walls (Nigger) I don't fucking know But I'm gonna fucking blow If I see that fucking hoe I'm gonna stick my mouth on her dick, yo [Verse 3: PBAPES] I gives no fucks Sit back and count bucks (Cha-chaing) While my mixtape it blows up (Boom) And you write my name on a cup at Starbucks (Venti latte) I don't roll blunts for broke chumps (Weed) I just bust nuts and throat sluts (Bitch) Twelve gets cold cut (Fuck cops) Fed to us old mutts who need swole butts To feed a hoe lunch Yo I'm pimping in your daddy's range rover Got your dyke sister to change over She's giving me brain while I swerve Into the right lane shoulder I'm more than hard Yo I'm older and I'm bolder and italicized Taxidermy Palacize My dick is pimp-challace sized What what Don't keep me waiting I'll call haitians With way less patience to turn your clique To ICU patiences Yeah PBAPES the shot caller Bitch I'll fit you with a shock collar Your girl keeps ringing It's another blocked caller
Goyard Semen (Prod. Attic Stein) [Intro: PBAPES] Bllllrt! Blip blop! Let me get a peek at chu baby Yeuh [Verse 1] Patty P packs Ps and stacks Gs bree Give an ass a squeeze (Squeeze) and they on they knees, B Don't believe me? (Blowjob) Into my pistol peer (Blrt) See these black straps and swag gear? I got more karats in my ear Than a rabbit eats in a year queer Yuh, now steer clear Yuh, (yeah) what, huh Now guess what I'm offing weight you players can't believe it (Can't believe it) I'm throwing up deuces like I'm bulemic (OOUGH) Got these bitches screaming like they in labor (Throw it up) Don't know my name? Ask the neighbors PBAPES got crazy style You know I'm turning up When I'm freaking up a Black and Mild Straight fucking on the bathroom tile Yeah I'm acting wild Bouta make another bastard child yeah yeah yeah [Verse 2: Polygon] Yeah Young ketamine what? In the butt like suppository Stab that bitch Yeah I'm hella gory (Blrrt) My shit it's an allegory (Storytime) No nemo, but I fuck with Dory Flop gang you baby bitch Whatchu know about me? Lexus whip is still a foreign bitch Even though it's japansese yeah Pussy bitch you soft as fuck Hit the flop then bust that nut Spill my coke then I lick it all up No matter what, I'm high as all fuck Oh, are your feelings hurt? Skrt skrt skrt skrt Contemplating my self worth With my fingers up her skirt [Verse 3] Goyard semen on my face Even my cumshots are designer Walk up in that place like (YUH) You would think I was Desiigner Where's your bitch? Better go find her Sleepover that's an all nigher Fuck a white bitch Yeah like Tyga Transparent like a BIC lighter (Fuck it)
Mike Bellis (Prod. Unknown) [Intro: Polygon] (Mike Bellis, Mike Bellis, you're jealous) MAC IOS 900 (Kylie Trion? Travis Scotty? What the fucks up ???) (Yo man, I got vlood on my fucking voots hell fucking yeah mustard plug?) Yeah Avadacadabra bitch Casting smells He will not be fucking named Hey, hey Cleveland Ohio thats the 216 to the 440 to the 330 Brecksville the motherfucking Bruns fucking Wick (Yeah yeah) Avadacadabra on your bitch [Verse 1] Cargo shorts, yeah you really broke Ain't no kush you oregano Pussy boy no genitals Call your bitch up and I say hello (Hi!) Friends are hard to find so be careful Bitch I need to breathe, give me legroom Don't want a white bitch give me that negro Sleep on the beach from all of that ZZZQuil Yuh, uh Throw you down the stairs When you hit the ground bitch I'm already there Pacman pills like sahara Bradley Cooper that's my father Yeah yeah yeah yuh yuh yuh yuh Digital blade in your pussy like I'm kitty to Play that song in stores Run the money on your motherfucking hoe Mike Bellis, I'm smelling Mike's GF You're jealous Suck my dick I'm gelling (Riley fucking Christ) [Verse 2: Kill Whitey] Mike Bellis Send that pussy straight to heaven I'm a goblin Just like triple fucking seven Mike Bellis She bent her neck just like Pez bitch Mike Bellis I might get my bitch pregnant Mike Bellis I stuck it in and fucking wrecked it I'm a piece of shit Bitch I'm straight fucking wreckless I came through with my penis and it's full erected And I'm like a fucking set cuz' I'm so directed Goddamn, they call me fucking Mike Bellis I came through and I got a piecing on my belly Mike Bellis, sing it to your bitch like Nelly Mike Bellis, yeah I know you fucking jealous [Verse 3: PBAPES] Yeah yeah yuh yuh what? Yuh what Yo I'm Al Bellis Got these bitches jealous Cuz' I got intelligence like CIA Players you be gay I get it all day Yeah, Michael Freaking Bellis These bitches they are jealous Pull up with the gelatin Then I go and get your skeleton Off the rack Bitch I got Mack truck I'm dropping shit on you fools Now I'm gonna fall you bitch (Michael Belly - like Mellow Bellow)
Naked In The Club (Prod.D Justice) [Intro: Kill Whitey] Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh Yeah baby PPG New World Order PPG NWO (Rockefeller) RothsMan that's what you can call me I'm changing my name from Chief Pee Pee To Dennis Rothsman And you guys can see it right here But let me paint a picture for you You're at the club You took a big pill of X And theres a bunch of fly ass bitches with you Uh huh [Verse 1:] Pull up naked in the club Got a big fat thumb jammed in my butt Took a bunch of pills Took a bunch of X Got a bunch of black people Lets have sex Oh my god! Spray 'em like the civil rights movement I don't give a a fuck on the pills getting stupid That pill was really good I'm riding butt naked through the fucking hood Yeah the rims, spin on my car I don't give a fuck cuz' I just took a bar I'm gonna drive, really fucking far Might go to the motherfucking bar Get myself a drink and it fucking stinks Then I didn't pay, I walked out of that bitch Then I got a hoe to suckle on my dick Then I put a pickle next to her clit Yeah naked Naked people gang [Verse 2: Polygon] Yuh Nicky T's room - that's where I live Suck my dick like a fucking pig (Skrt) Fuck a fucking police officer (Bleh) All I want is flop mister (Blrt) Yeah Mr. Flop That's what they call me Bitches always drop When they fucking call me To their fuckin' knees Shoot the breeze Small talk bitch That's what I need How's the weather? It's fine How's your boyfriend? He's fine How's your mom? Fuck you Suck my dick little bitch I'm really gay yeah nigger That's what's up Look at my face man You can see that I'm fucked In the fucking head man Look at my little nuts (Skrt) They're full of jizz (Blrt) And it's all for your butt [Verse 3: PBAPES] Yeah it's Patric Bapeman I'm a bape man Yeah I'm a great man And a big Bape fan Yeah I pull up In my fuckin' Civic Bitch I'm about to fuck your cervix Yeah I got a Honda And I fuck your momma Like E.Honda in Street Fighter Yeah I need a lighter To smoke my tree I smoke mad weed 420 Yeah my brees all smoke trees Yeah we sleep all the deep Yeah, skrt, Pert I use Pert in my hair that's why it gets real shiny Yeah I know how all the finies Yeah a hiney I like to eat butt Am I still vegan? I'm a mutt I'm a dog yeah I'm a man I am crazy I'm a fan Of women and I like their ass Yeah I like to smoke the grass I smoke weed then I smoke a tree I read the Kabbalah and I eat it with weed Yeah I like the weed I like to eat it Yeah dude, beat it Like Michael Jackson I need a black son
Anti-Zionist Blindspot (Prod. PBAPES) [Intro: John Alberty] Yah I'm finna go crazy with it Yah I'm finna go crazy with these Zionists Chua [Verse 1] Yah yah yah Yah yah yah yah Killer of Zionists (Nigger) Drink my piss I am a Zionist (I'm black!) Drinking piss I am in Israel fucking with the Jews mane (Fuck Jews) Anti-Zionist Blindspot - old news I am gay and a little faggot bitch (Nigger) I am gay suck upon my square dick (Short) Bitch I'm fucking gay Bitch suck on my gay (Little dick) Smoke a lot of crack Suck a lot of dick Eat my own ass And murder Zionists (Uzi) Which is funny (Why?) Cuz' I am one! I don't lie nigger I'm a Jewish pimp (For sure!) Eat my little poop (Shit) Shoot some little hoops (B-ball) Swag with my bitch Cuz' I am not Jewish (Nope I'm not) Israelis are so funny (They're dirty) They steal so much money (They're faggots) They are some little faggots (Faggots) I think they are mad gay (Homosexual) Because Israel is gay (Zionist niggers!) [Verse 2: Kill Whitey's Less Famous Brother Ryan] Yuh yuh Bluhh bluh bluhh blugh SKRT BLRRT You wanna ooooo You wanna tote a fucking piece? You're fucking airsoft You wanna fuck with my peeps? (Do it) You get your head popped (Cha!) Wanna see me in the streets? You catch these hands dog You wanna fuck with my bitch? (Uh!) Your dick is getting chopped Coke in my nose Horse in my ass Subs under tongue Smoke the crack with glass I got the pookie, I got the stick Fuck your bitch with my tiny dick Get it in from that ass to vag Infect that cunt till its pus and mad Knife in her cunt, thumb in her butt Staring at that clit chew it like a piece of gum Blisters on my cock I jerk it till it's numb You better spread that fucking hole And beg me for cum whore (Give it to me baby uh)
[Verse 1: PBAPES] I don't chase no bitches But I do Chase Bank I don't chase no liquor But I do roll dank Told you I was rich, bitch I'm so fucking rich I'm a fucking Zionist (Zionist) Patric pulled up really quick bitch Israel [Verse 2: Polygon] Wake me up before you go go Bounce on my dick, yeah like pogo (Bounce) Doing hella blow like Slowbro I fucked all the bitches you know (Ohh) Need some love? Go call your man All you'll get from me is ham Pork that girl no pig I'm Gucci Wavy sex like I'm on Lucy I have sex - I promise Most people don't count masturbation If I'm honest My allowance is your fucking check And my dick is full Of your bitches wet Pussy juice I'm gay as fuck Suck my dick I'll bust that nut [Verse 3: Kill Whitey] Yeah, sleepy gang Don't mess with me Cuz' I'm really fuckin' dangerous I'll pull up to the club With a finger in my anus I got a motherfuckin' DVD of Spanglish At my fuckin' house, we can watch it if you want to Bitch I don't care and it didn't even rhyme I don't give a fuck I'm Young Thug But I have white slime (Oh yeah, take it baby)
[Intro] Yeahm yah yeah Flop gang (Oh my god) yeah baby i needed this release i'm rolling so hard right now Your eyes are so big I didn't know I liked you this much until now Black nigger [Verse 1: Polygon] Who's man is this? Wow like Owen Wilson No Wes Anderson Arms like Lanky Kong yeah I'm grabbing shit Turn it up I'll suck and fuck Suck your dad's dick And I'm stunting on you Eating on your bitch Eating salmon and chips Tinky baby I'm a nigger what? Prolapse on the beat Yeah I'm getting buck Don't wanna leave, it's Uber Eats Suck my dick, eat my teets Black nigger what? Suck my dick, eat my teets Black nigger what? [Verse 2: PBAPES] Yeah I'm repping PPG (That's the motherfucking clique) Yeah I'm TTG (Trained to fucking go) BR freaking B (Gotta go real quick) Gotta go smoke this tree Yeah I smoke a lot of weed (420) There's never any seeds No mersh with my brees (Good tree) Chilling, bouta squeeze On my freaking nutsack (Yeah that's my testicles) Yeah I'm cheesed like Dora's backpack (You fucking beaner) Good attack, you lack that Pull up in a hatchback Your bitch just gave Patric a lapdance (In a Subaru) [Verse 3: Kill Whitey] Yeah listen here buddy I don't care what you say PPG we came in this bitch all day Yeah I work motherfucking hard Bitches on my dick They check my fucking card Cuz' I look young But I wanna make them cum I poop on my own dick Cuz' I'm fucking dumb I fucked a fucking bitch In the twat with my thumb She chewed on the tip of my dick Like some gum yeah! Yeah blowing up the sunshine Bitch Yeah Sytem of a Down PPG bitch We came in the party We're sucking our own dicks We don't even care about any of the stuff you say about us Cuz' we're unique, we're individual, we're powerful And we're cool And we're better than anybody ever bitch Yeah baby don't mess with us buddy you get hurt




released February 22, 2020

1. I'm Not Gay [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod. Get Delivert)
2. Mad Gay [Feat. Polygon, John Alberty] (Prod. PBAPES)
3. Kabbalah [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod. PBAPES)
4. Baby (Full Version) [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon, John Alberty (Prod. PBAPES)
5. Drip [Feat. Polygon, Kill Whitey, John Alberty] (Prod. PBAPES)
6. Lab [Feat. Lil Bono, Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod. Attic Stein)
7. Dora [Ft. Kill Whitey and Polygon] (Prod. Attic Stein)
8. Spaceship [Ft. Polygon, Kill Whitey's Less Famous Brother Ryan] (Prod. RONNYJ)
9. Goyard Semen [Feat. Polygon] (Prod. Attic Stein)
10. Mike Bellis [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod. Unknown)
11. Naked In The Club [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod.D Justice)
12. Anti-Zionist Blindspot [John Alberty, Kill Whitey's Less Famous Brother Ryan] (Prod. PBAPES)
13. Chase Bank [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon] (Prod. PBAPES)
14. Lies From The Tablecloth [Feat. Kill Whitey, Polygon]


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Aggressively Uninterested Cleveland, Ohio

AGGRESSIVELY UNINTERESTED is the world's most controversial extreme music label/artist collective. Specializing in grindcore, death metal and undeground trap to bring you the finest in esoteric audio subversion.

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