Master Bapes


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My hipster mistress is pretentious, yes I put her in detention and I think she's Nosferatu Cuz she sucked up my attention yeah I could use perspective man To ascend dimensions yes I need an intervention From these bitches with depression That are blowing up my mentions Begging for my presence Like their dad ain't bought them presents They gave me hypertension I should have seen a therapist Instead I went and fucked your bitch And now I got more problems Than I even fucking started with I should have seen a doctor But instead I went and cocked her Now I got more issues than a single man can conquor The more sane I get The crazier I look By the time I'm woke Everybody will be shook Yes, I know that I look Like I whip Mclarans But I still live with my parents Call me Ozzy, I'm not sharin' I think I need psychiatry From all these people lying to me I think I need psychology I think police are following me I think I need astrology Your bitch, she won't stop calling me I think I need lobotomies The only way you're stopping me I think I need sobriety I'm stressed from notoriety I think I need podiatry I'm running from anxiety I think I need oncology This shit just won't stop following me I think I need some therapy Cuz' shit just started scaring me
When it comes to real yes I have reliability I don't care if you're feeling me I speak with my abilities Everyone subliminally begs for my validity Literal illiterates are my liabilities Bitch I have experience That is why I'm arrogant We are not comparative Our relationship is parenting People feeling worthless come surround me like the circus Cuz' I'm feeling pretty certain my success is predetermined My infatuation is converting divinations Into terms that determine destined layman's revelations Yes, my verbal undulations Forgo the soul's debasement Individuation Will leave you in amazement Here is your arraignment Mental masturbation and emotional restrainment is perpetual enslavement Patience with complacence that will hinder your unchainment On the path of destination strive for ultimate attainment
I just had an epiphany I could consummate illegitimately with women with no literacy intermittently for infinity Inadvertently subverting my perversions through emotional discursions with another person Maternalized obsessions fueling infantile regressions taught me several lessons reducing people to possessions Heed my digression - Life is challenging with no commonality to reality To be demonstrably an accessory indefinitely will cause you stress mentally Let me speak explanatorily - There's a whore in me who likes to act deplorably When I behaved adorably she behaved abhorrently until my sanity deported me In society autonomy and honesty are anomalies Trading sanity for vanity emphatically will casually cause calamity To engage yourself professionally is the recipe to live successfully Knowledge of identity the epitome of amenities when it comes to destiny Creation can cause elation when the contemplation of the emulation of divination is the placement of your destination


from upcoming split with GAPETARD


released January 24, 2020

All tracks prod. INFJ and PBAPES


all rights reserved



Aggressively Uninterested Cleveland, Ohio

AGGRESSIVELY UNINTERESTED is the world's most controversial extreme music label/artist collective. Specializing in grindcore, death metal and undeground trap to bring you the finest in esoteric audio subversion.

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